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Louis Vuitton, Prada, D&G, Valentino, Ferragamo : Art in Fashion 2017

Even this year some great fashion brands have decided to explore the world of Art through their collections and installations in their showrooms.

Vintage Series: Vintage Shopping in Saint Petersburg

One of the things that I love most is looking for vintage shops and markets abroad when traveling. Every time I plan a new trip after buying the ticket and booking my B&B the first thing that I do is looking for vintage shops in town!

Vintage Series: 5 tips for a very vintage (Christmas) tea party!

Christmas is finally here and for the first time I decided to organize a vintage themed tea party at home to celebrate these holidays in a very vintage way!

Vintage Series: Fur, to wear or not to wear?

Winter is already here and we didn’t even have the time to see it coming: as usual we went from tees to coats in less than two weeks. This year for my usual closet’s cleaning when the season changes I thought that it was time for me to drastically cut the number of coats hanging in my wardrobe. I decided to leave one coat for each color and style: a black one, a camel one, a navy one, a warm parka, a cape, a military jacket and…my fur!

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