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Choosing the best shape for your shades

Intuitive tutorial on with some info on shapes and shades!

Louis Vuitton, Prada, D&G, Valentino, Ferragamo : Art in Fashion 2017

Even this year some great fashion brands have decided to explore the world of Art through their collections and installations in their showrooms.

Vintage Series: How to create the perfect 40’s manicure moon!

Makeup, as well as fashion, is often the mirror of its era. Eyes, lips, nails makeup have changed as much as fashion during the decades not only in colors but also in shapes and application methods.

Vintage Series: 5 tips for a very vintage (Christmas) tea party!

Christmas is finally here and for the first time I decided to organize a vintage themed tea party at home to celebrate these holidays in a very vintage way!

Vintage Series: Fur, to wear or not to wear?

Winter is already here and we didn’t even have the time to see it coming: as usual we went from tees to coats in less than two weeks. This year for my usual closet’s cleaning when the season changes I thought that it was time for me to drastically cut the number of coats hanging in my wardrobe. I decided to leave one coat for each color and style: a black one, a camel one, a navy one, a warm parka, a cape, a military jacket and…my fur!

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