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Tips, tricks, and useful information about Vintage and Fashion accessories.

Vintage Series: Vintage hunting in Vienna.

Vienna IS vintage. The city itself is an image of its old luxurious past. Villas, castles, gardens, churches, everything in Vienna says something about the glorious history of this wonderful city: a bit melancholic, a bit old style but definitely incredibly bold.

Vintage Series: My Top 5 vintage pieces for retro home decoration!

I liked everything about it: position, view, decoration, lighting, everything! But when you live in a rented apartment, it is quite complicated to get exactly what you want because most rented spaces come fully furnished.

Vintage Series: A short wannabe guide of vintage shopping in London

written by “The Ladybug Chronicles“

While I was trying to figure out what to add as my favorite vintage addresses in London I realised that it is almost impossible to write a complete and accurate vintage guide of this city in about 500 words.

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