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Hermès Blind Stamp updates: from 2015 to 2019

As we all know very well… times goes by very quicky 🙁 Yet wr need to keep updated with the latest information about where and how to look for blind stamps on Hermès bags and accessories from 2015 to last year’s collections.

Hermès started to “skip” some letters. To our knowledge, this is the first time since since 1945 when La Maison started with the first blind stamp, with letter “A”.

Latest Kelly beauties we delt with 🙂

This was done to keep away from counterfeits, or at least to help us in staying well far from them.

2015T (with no shapes)Letter “S” was skipped, as explained above
2016X (with no shapes) “U”, “V” and “W” were skipped.
2017 A (with no shapes)
2018 C (with no shapes) Letter “B” was skipped.
2019 D (with no shapes)
2020Will know soon!
Splendid beige Kelly Cut Bag

In 2011, Some Hermès bags, including model “Evelyne” and “Double Sens” had a different blind stamp from the others: “JO” instead of the regular “O” of 2011. The square shape around the letters, also in these exceptions, remained the same.

Another very important detail to know when we are looking at a Birkin or a Kelly bag from 2016 we need to look for the blind stamp which will be on the interior side panel, rather than on the end, next to the stitchings.

In 2017, Blind stamp lettering re-starts for the 3rd time from the beginning, with letter “A”

Hope you’ll find it useful!


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