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The 5 It-Bags To Invest In Right Now

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The It-Bags are the only accessories that seem to resist fashion changes. Many times, they represent real long-term investments and in fact they have very high prices 🙁
If you have decided to buy a classic bag, make sure this is forever!

The dream of every fashion victim is knowing if its luxury garment or accessory will only a passing trend that lasts 6 months or if it remain “in vogue” over the years, becoming a new classic.

Therefore, if you want to invest and buy a new bag, you should always focus on It bags. We have chosen 5 bags: which is your favorite?

1. Chanel Classic Flap

Not to be confused with 2.55 bag, which is the iconic bag designed by Coco Chanel in February 1955 (the numerical name denotes the month and year of its creation). In fact, the Classic Flap has the iconic interlocking CC clasp and chain strap interwoven with leather, while the 2.55 has a rectangular ‘Mademoiselle’ clasp and all metal chain strap.

This is the It-Bag par excellence. This model is a true timeless and classic bag. Buying the Chanel Classic Flap is one of the most reliable investments you could make; infact, Chanel prices for the Classic Flap bag increase at an average rate of 15% per year. Which means that the bag you bought three years ago is now worth a lot more than its original retail price.

2. Chanel Boy Bag

The Classic Flap and the 2.55 are classics but this gritty and youthful model has conquered all. The Chanel Boy Bag was designed by Karl Lagerfeld and takes its name from Arthur “Boy” Capel, the big love of the life of Mademoiselle Coco. It made its first appearance in the
2011/2012 Fall-Winter collection: it arrived in stores in 2012, with a list price of $ 3,200. In 2016, it was sold at $ 4,200. Today, you can find it on sale for $ 5,500.

3.Hermes Birkin

The Birkin was created in the 80s and dedicated to the actress Jane Birkin. The price is dizzying (from 10 thousand euros upwards). This Hermès bag that has always grown in value since it was launched.

Owning a Hermès Birkin bag means owning a cult piece, that is to say one of the most desirable and sought after bags in the world.

You cannot found the Birkin on the store shelves and it takes several months (if not years) to get one. The waiting list for a Birkin, which can be up to 6 years, helps to increase the value of those already in circulation. According to Hermès, the long waiting times are due to the manual production of the bags, made by Florentine artisans, and crafted with fine exoticskins that require a lot of processing time before they can be sewn (for example, crocodile leather).

4. Christian Dior Lady Dior

Dedicated to Princess Diana, the Lady Dior was born in 1994 and, since then has never stopped having success ever since. Characterized by the particular Cannage stitching and the D, I, O, R charms hanging from the handle, it is available in a variety of colors, fabrics and sizes. Today, the bag is on sale for $ 3.900. These handbags offer a terrific resale value. Definitely, these are one of the best handbag series in which you can invest your money, without any second thought.

5. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bag

The Speedy, the classic Louis Vuitton boston bag, is available in the classic monogram and in various other versions, is one of the most loved and used bags. There is no situation in which the legendary Speedy 30 is not practically perfect, including formal evening occasions. Retail price at Louis Vuitton Store is $ 1070.

There are 3 basic versions – Monogram, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur – and other special editions. Now, it has also been sold in the “Bandouliere” version with shoulder strap. You can also add some decorations and your own initials, thus obtaining a personalized Vuitton bag. Alternatively, you can buy a shoulder strap separately (at a price of about $ 280) and attach it to the base of the handles.

It is indestructible and remains unchanged over time. The cowhide leather parts, such as the handle, will darken but it is really a timeless bag in any way.

Where to buy It-bags?

  • In boutiques, at full price.
  • To make a real deal on this iconic model without taking risks (unfortunately the world is full of fakes), you can choose an excellent pre-owned It-Bag (which is often new or gently used). Contact only authoritative shops that authenticate and guarantee their products.

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