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Lady Dior bags: a guide through authenticity

As some of you already know, we like to share our experience and knowledge among our customers and friends.

Every day brings more know-how and there’s always a lot to share.

In this post we would like to go through an iconic model of pre-loved Christian Dior bag: Lady Dior

Commercially born in 1994 and named “Chouchou” (which corrisponds to “my favorite”, in French).

Former French First Lady (Madame Chirac) gave one as a gift to Princess Diana, who was delighted to wear it in many occasions. “Chouchou” immediately became “Lady Dior”.

Did you know?

Quilted “cannage” pattern was inspired by the craftmanship of the cane used for Napoleon III antique chairs, used during one of the most renown runway shows in 1947.

A very important thing to know on Lady Dior bags is that the should have the “MADE IN ITALY” print on the front, or on the reverse of the leather tag.

Dior started producing handbags only in Italy since the 1990s, so if you see a “MADE IN FRANCE or MADE IN PARIS” tag on the Lady Dior you are looking to purchase, you may need to change your mind…


Let’s look at some Lady Dior outer details: STITCHING. It is right to say that lately, the quality of luxury replicas has worryngly increased.

This said, we can still “feel” and “look” at some quality differences which still are distinguishable.

The color of the stichings is the same tone as the color of the leather, so if you are about to purchase a bag online and the picture close-ups show 2 different colors, ask for more images or ask for a further proof of authenticity.

The should all be regular and symmetric.


All Lady Dior we have come across had a date code / serial code in the same format (pretty much like Louis Vuitton Date Codes)

The first models did not have a code, but only the “MADE IN ITALY” print on the reverse of the internal small leather flap.

As you can see above, many serials of more recent Lady D’s have the same format: 2 digits, 2 letters and 4 digits. (00-LL-0000).

Things change when time goes by, and unfortunately there’s not always a rule which gives us certitude even when it comes to bags serial references. The below Lady Dior had a different code format (LL 0000).

Further proof has been given from our certificate providers, which determined this bag to be authentic:


The arched handles need to be well-built and hefty. This feel and look is a very important sign of quality and authenticity.

Replica bags have sloppy handles, which may occasionally show some leather wrapping and may be misaligned.

The charms are also important.

They should move a little being movement their purpose, but should not move excessively, since they would scratch the leather of the bag.



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