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Wondering around MercanteinFiera

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Mercanteinfiera is THE SHOW. By far the most interesting antiquest, modern furniture and vintage fashion show in Italy.

Padillion N. 5 – top view

I took this picture after a quick lunch at the slow food restaurant situated on the 1st floor of padillion n. 6. This shot gives us a rough idea of how much it is easy to loose yourself wondering around one of the padillions at Mercanteinfiera.

In padillion 5 and 4 there around hundreds (if not thousands) of merchants selling antiques furniture and accessories, from sixteenth to nineteenth century. Yes, art and beauty is on sale. Among hundreds of thounsands of items lie some incredible museum pieces.

Best of all, of course, is Padillion 6. That’s were fashion, vintage, jewels and watches are. That’s were WE are 🙂

OPHERTYCIOCCI showcase, G67, Padillion N. 6.
A few shots of our Vintage & Fashion showcase.

Padillion 6, so called “NOVECENTO” (which would mean anything from the 20th century) is the most populated part of the show. 2 days before the opening you see merchants selling and buying their items, and shop owners neaking through booths and asking for the best prices to strike deals for resale at their stores.

Here’s another quick view of how our showcase looked like 🙂
Rolex, by far the most featured brand it Mercanteinfiera.

Men’s luxury watches second-hand market is experiencing once again price increases. I am personally not a fan nor an expert, but many merchants and customers told me that during this edition it has been hardly possible to get good deals out of watches.

And here are some shots of a walk through Mercanteinfiera during last year’s spring edtion (2018).

I would say you have to come and visit Mercanteinfiera, at least once in a lifetime. It cannot be done in 1 day though, which is perfect so you can stay the night and have a gorgeous local dinner in any of Parma’s restaurants. I say “any” since quality is incredibly high, and food is sublime.

Ravioli, Lambrusco and “affettati” (Parma ham, cheese and apetizers). What else?

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