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Fashion History: Little Black Dress forever!

The Little Black Dress (or LBD) is one of the iconic garments that made history in the fashion industry. It’s a must-have in every fashion woman wardrobe! Let’s review this success story together.

The origins

The history of the little black dress began in 1926 during the “revolution” of Coco Chanel who gave it the name of Petite robe noire. She conceived it with the intention of creating a dress that was comfortable, so as to adapt to the physical of every woman, and wearable in every occasion.

Before the 1920s, wearing a black dress outside of mourning, especially during the day, was considered indecent and inappropriate. Chanel overwhelmed the traditional social conventions by creating a democratic dress, which does not emphasize social extraction and economic stutus.

Luxury lies not in the richness of things, but in the absence of vulgarity.

Coco Chanel

It was October 1, 1926 when Vogue America published an image of this dress. The magazine defined this model “a sort of uniform for every type of woman”: a simple, short and black dress, renamed, for its great functionality and versatility.

The popularity of the LBD increased to become myth in the 1960s, when Audrey Hepburn wore it in the famous movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. That Haute Couture creation was signed by Givenchy. It was auctioned by Christie’s for £ 410,000 in 2006.

In addition to Audrey Hepburn, many other public figures proudly sported their Little Black Dress. Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, was known for her large collection of black sheath dresses, which she decorated with numerous details and accessories. One of his most famous quotes reads:

When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place

Back To Black

How can we explain this fascination for this dress? Why has it become an object of desire for every woman? Well, first of all it is a basic item, suitable for every occasion, from a business meeting to a first date, or even for a party. It adapts to all dress codes and has another advantage: it is a passe-partout, which can be combined with anything.

The Little Black Dress is a passe-partout.

By changing accessories, the LBD can live a new life. A fiery red dress will leave its mark once, but you’ll struggle to recycle it. On the other hand, you can use the Little Black Dress several times, without anyone noticing! Just play with belts, jewels, bags, shoes and glasses. It’s a real dream for all women, regardless of their budget. The important thing is to choose the cut and fabric that best fits your style. It will always be your best investment!

Style Combinations

It is certainly a classy dress, but the solid color can make it boring. To wear your Little Black Dress in the best way, what you can do is give it a touch of style with bright and colorful accessories. Here are 5 accessories to match.


A pair of 5 inch-high heels are perfect when you wear a Little Black Dress! They stretch the figure, give elegance and if colored, revive the outfit. Choose a décolleté model with a small plateau on the toes: the platforms allows you to maintain a certain comfort while wearing shoes with high heels.


A colorful scarf or floral fantasy makes your LBD more playful, and you can use it to cover your shoulders.

Discover how to make a simple scarf original with our tutorial:


A jewel clutch bag, colored and embellished with stones, is a real style charge to brighten up your little black dress. In addition, a clutch handbag, though small, is the dressiest or all handbags that is perfect for the evening.


The pearl necklace (real or fake, the choice is yours) is the summa of elegance and femininity: pearls light up the face, give a touch of elegance without exagerating and, last but not least, are good for everyone.

But you can also enrich your dress with colorful bijoux, perhaps using maxi jewels, mixed together to create a baroque effect.

But if you want to wear it with very large earrings, remove the necklaces. On the contrary, if you wear a very rich necklace, the earrings must remain simple. In a previous post we also talked about how to combine your jewelry to your clothes


A waist belt, thin and varnished, gives a new shape to the dress and is a very trendy accessory. Put a thin belt, which just underlines the waist. Pay attention to the fabric with which the dress is made; if it is shiny and chic, choose the same style for the belt to get a harmonious whole.


To wear a pair of ballerinas under a little black dress, make sure it has a length that reaches above the knee. The choice may fall on the classic two-colored Chanel ballerina flats, on the timeless ‘Varina’ with a grosgrain bow by Salvatore Ferragamo, on ballerinas with maxi décor buckles by Roger Vivier.

And what about the Make-Up?

The make-up for the little black dress must be as sophisticated as the dress. So it’s important highlight the lips by choosing and iconic red color lipstick. A brilliant black nail polish on your fingers, a pearly light spot on the face and décolleté and, finally, a light fragrance to make your mark, will complete your outfit.

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