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The Look Therapy: change your look to change your mood

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When everything seems to go wrong and the mood is really the worst, there is only one thing you need to do: change your look! Change is always a positive factor and, when your look changes, the positive effects will affect your mood.

When a woman thinks of a change of look, the first thing that marks this step is the change of the cut or the color of the hair: as many as 39% of women in fact opt ​​for this choice, while 23% revolutionize their wardrobe and a 20% is limited to a change of makeup.

Look Therapy has positive effects on both self-esteem and self-confidence: the experts also argue that the positive results will also invest the sentimental sphere, the working sphere and, finally, they will also act positively on the group of friends and acquaintances.

1# Wear colors to improve your mood

Colors has an effect on out psyche. So when I wear colorful clothes we help the mood! Just wear a skirt or a colored shirt or jumper to bring back the smile. It will be good for you and those around you both for you and for those around you.

For example, if you feel sad, add red or strong colored accessory, you will feel more powerful.

What is your mood today? what color will you dress today? Fill your wardrobe with colors with this colorful selection!

2# The compliments we like!

If you have an outfit that someone once told you you looked good in, that’s a start to improve your mood! If it’s an outfit a lot of people have complimented you on, that’s even more evidence that you look desirable in that outfit. It it’s not a specific outfit, but a look you can achieve using a variety of different options, that can make you feel even more confident that all you have to do is put on something that creates that look, and people will want you.

3# Play with you clothes

Playing with your wardrobe allows youself to feel like a famous manager for a day, for example, or a femme fatale for the next day. Fashion allows you to play!

If you know how to use this power, you will realize that you can be who you want, when you want and thus change your mood and self-confidence.

Also, if you want to improve mood, dare! Choose a garment, an accessory, a detail that can raise the stakes.

Wear something different from the usual, which you will choose carefully and which will delight you.

With the new season, for example, you could invest in a yellow, fuchsia or orange bag that can give a touch of glamor and fun to the outfit.

Remember that your look communicates as much as the words you use.

In short, if looking at yourself in the mirror you are not satisfied with the person you see, you no longer have any reason not to make the leap in quality and radically change your look! Put aside the fear of not enjoying or making the wrong choices and have fun experimenting with new looks, choosing new clothes and transforming your appearance.


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