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Louis Vuitton Date Code Reader

Here’s another one for you: A quick and instant way to know all about your Louis Vuitton bags, or those pre-loved ones you are about to purchase!

How many times you were about to purchase a beautiful pre-loved LV on eBay or from an independent vintage boutique and you kept wondering if you could trust or not the seller?

Based on our knowledge and 20 years of experience in vintage and fashion, we’ve realized our Louis Vuitton Data Code Reader. All you need to do is have the data code text and letters with you.

Copy and Paste the data code in the appropriate box and give it a go. It’s really easy. Check out our quick video tutorial below.

LV Data Code Reader 30 seconds tutorial on Youtube

Can I authenticate a Louis Vuitton bag with your data code reader?

No. We offer authentication guaranteed on all the items we sell, but do not offer express authentications. This said, we are more than welcome to help you out in staying away from counterfeits. Knowing straight away if the data code corrisponds to a true verification is a good start.

As always, we are always here to help you out and share our knowledge. Our main goal is to keep you away from counterfeits.


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