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How to combine your Jewelry to your outfit

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Choosing the right jewels is not easy since they can determine the success or failure of an outfit. They add personality, divert attention from the defect that we don’t like and, at the same time, enhance the features we want to emphasize.


The first rule you must follow if you want to combine jewelry with clothes perfectly is that “every neckline has its own necklace.

Do you have a round neckline? Then it is better to prefer short necklaces that support the cut like chokers, princess necklaces and collars. They are also perfect with a bodice and discreet earrings.

Turtleneck jumpers combine well with long necklaces are ideal for enhancing it.
If you have a scoop neckline (a bandeu, sweetheart or boat neckline, for example), you can choose an accessory that fills the décolleté: therefore, choose necklaces with pendants, with multiple strands or with large pendants.
If the neckline is V-shaped,you can choose thin necklaces for shallow necklines. While for the deeper necklines, I recommend choosing a necklace that follows its shape.

Do you decide to wear a shirt with a collar? A thin collar necklace with a round neck is enough.

Ethnic necklace, which are often made of raw metals and stones, must be in neutral colors (such as beige, white, brown). This colors enhance the jewel, remaining in their natural tones.

One of the latest and fashionable trends is the Backlace,  that is to say a necklace for the back! A thin gold thread running through a bare back could be probably the sexiest jewel ever. Imagine wearing this backlace, every night, all summer long, with golden tanned skin and maxi dress with a plunging neckline or American-style blouse with satin palazzo pants … Absolutely divine!

A stunning vintage Chanel necklace worn down the back.


Rigid bracelets, round ones for example, made the wrist thin. With a shirt with flared sleeves, choose simple multiple metal bracelets. With a tight-fitting shirt, choose a single wider bracelet.
The manchette (that is to say, wide-band bracelets) are perfect with a short sleeve or a sleeveless top. This jewels are not adapt well to clothes with a lot of fabric. With an American-style top, for example, the manchette enhances the forearm.

In addition, pay attention to the shape of your body. This type of jewel is better for tight wrists! While it may not suit on those with arms slightly above the average.

A rare YSL chunky bracelet cuff from the Fall/Winter 2002 collection, TOM FORD era


If you wear a tight-fitting high collar or a V-neckline, choose long and thin earrings: they lenghthen the silhouette.
The Hoop earrings are better in yellow gold than silver; in fact, thanks to the golden nuance, they accentuate their solar shape.
If you love elaborate and long earrings, such as the Chandelier ones, you have to leave the neck uncovered and don’t wear necklace.


With the exception of the wedding ring, that you can always wear on any occasion, other finger jewelry must be chosen carefully.

Large rings with colorful stones or crystals are good for evening parties aperitifs, convivial moments (not gala or black tie dress code).

For a ceremony, on the contrary, it is better to opt for sober rings, in white or yellow gold with a single stone for example, or with small gems. We must not forget the proportion between the jewel and the shape of the hands: a large and colorful ring will attract attention! But this is not good if you have hands that are too big or have defects that you don’t want to emphasize.


Brooches are very nice to decorate jackets, blazers and sweaters that are a bit too classic. They are only good on very thick fabrics.
On a straight-cut black wool jacket, wear a gold or silver brooch with charms, for a vintage style.
To make a thick sweater more feminine, place a colored pin near the neck.
With a rigid toile tunic, opt for a colored plastic pin. The latest fashion trends want the brooches to adorn even garments like caps, hat scarves, gloves and so on and so forth!

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