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Mulberry Bags: watch out for serials

In this post we want to outline a some serial numbers which have been highly replicated.

Years and years of experience brought us several non-genuine items, which have all been sent back to their sender. Here is a list of serial references I would strongly suggest to avoid, when purchasing Mulberry bags online or at consignment stores:

254571, 026904, 565321, 262541, 258798, 275288, 257528, 373140, 258668, 025869, 327448, 932351,166757, 924565, 249328, 982573, 346352, 207542,1572839, 757156, 256678, 390207, 256760, 240535 ,929976 ,929885

Please always consider our posts as suggestions or thoughts. For more information you are more than welcome to contact Mulberry.


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