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How to Travel with Style: the Train Case

If you are a vintage lover, the Train Case is a must-have if you want to travel in style like a true diva!

Practicality without sacrificing style

The Train Case is the feminine accessory par excellence and that all women should have. Over the years, in compliance with the current airport security standards, the habit of taking the train case with us has been lost. But at the same time, it is almost impossible to packing all beauty products in our suitcase. Sunscreen lotions, hair products, moisturizers, nail polish, make-up and body products, etc.. the cosmetics are really numerous and often for us women the suitcase is really difficult to close!

Vintage Gucci train case in burgundy Crocodile leather

This is where being well organized becomes indispensable to not miss everything that may be necessary during our well-deserved holidays.

The rigid beauty case is essential for these reasons:

  • All bottles can be stored with liquids without risk of opening.
  • When you arrive at the hotel, everything remains in the beauty and the shelves can be made available to you.
  • It’s a super-chic accessory that says a lot about you and will make you feel like a diva.
Vintage Hermes Sac Mallette with bottom compartment

Travel beauty tips

The train case allows us to have plenty of space for our products, but if you want to lighten it, I suggest you to take with you two essential products that will save you space and grams to carry.

1.Cocunut oil

Strictly 100% natural, coconut oil replaces most cosmetics. First of all it is an excellent make-up remover; just take a small amount and massage it over the eyes. It can eliminate any trace of make-up. It is also excellent as a moisturizer for body and hair. Notice that any type of oil should never be applied directly to dry skin but must be moistened or otherwise you will risk getting the opposite effect. It also acts as an excellent facial cleanser as it is certainly more delicate than a bubble bath.

It is also excellent as a protective spray for the hair against the sun and the salt: fill a spray container with half boiled water and half with coconut oil. In this way you will have a biphasic product and it will be enough to spray it every once after shaking it, especially if you enter and exit the water. Coconut oil is also good for body and lip scrubs: add it to some stolen sugar in some bars (if it’s better than cane) and massage it to exfoliate well.

2.Aloe Vera Gel

This gel is perfect as an after sun thanks to its soothing function. You can use it after the shower, after rubbing the coconut oil for example. Spread the aloe on the reddened areas and on the face. Want to know a little secret? It is also perfect for styling your hair, a great replacement for foam!


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