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Serge Kirchhofer by Udo Proskch, eyewear genius and legend designer

In this post we want to tell you a story of one of the most important, brave and fanciful eyewear designers of all times: Ugo Proskch.

Udo was has been a revolutionary designer and sunglasses artist during the early part of the 2nd century. He invented and designed most of the iconic pieces of “Carrera” and “Viennaline”

Enfant Terrible

Named “Enfant Terrible” of eyewear, his art was elevating the status of casual and daily frames and sunglasses to fashion icons and statement pieces, adding jewelry and precious components.

He started showing is art and genius skills at the young age of 23, winning a competition in eyewear design contest for OPTYL (a Wilgwlm Anger’s company – another crucial part of the history of eyewear)

Udo immediately became the top designer in one of the most important eyewear companies. He created brands such as VIENNALINE and CARRERA.

Carrera, Dior… what else?

Following on, its licensed brands such as Christian Dior, Dunhill, Playboy and Paloma Picasso dragged eyewear fashion to a new level.

The comes “Serge Kirchhofer”. This brand was invented by Udo aside from managing and performing incredibly well with Carrera and Viennaline. It was his “playground” as mentioned in his story in the official Serge Kirchhofer website.

These collections were a sublime mix of Christian Dior and Salvator Dali. A mix of emotions, elegance and surreal.

Over the limits

Udo pushed Serge Kirchhofer designs to limits and beyond. He used real gold, precious stones , silver and tortoise shell for eyewear creations. He also designed jewelry and silk scarves.

One of its most famous art pieces was the “gold finger”, which was also Ian Fleming’s inspiration for his novel, and later for James Bond’s movie title.

Udo’s life was full of…troubled. owned a night club (“Club 45”) in the centre of Vienna, and was considered to by a very demanding playboy, heavy drinker and… well…

His downsides came in the end of the century, when his tax evasions beyond other issues led him to prision, where he died in 2001.

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