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Pure White: the look that never goes out of style

White color is the perfect choice from the city to the sea, from the office to the beach, for cruising or for a business trip.

It happens every year: Summer is in white! Linen, cotton, hemp, light weight knit, they are the favorite fabrics for a dazzling, candid, energetic wardrobe, like seasonal light.

Who can wear White color?

Total White look

White is a color that is good for everyone. Blondes, brunettes, reds, salt and pepper, because it really matches any complexion, indeed enhances it. But pay attention! If it is true that white looks good with any hair color, it is also true that unfortunately not everyone can afford to wear a total white look. White is known to be the color par excellence that enlarges the figure and, above all, highlights our defects. It is advisable, therefore, to wear this color if you have a slender silhouette without too many curves in evidence. You can opt for softer clothing lines and geometric cuts. For those who, perhaps, have a few centimeters more, they can still use white but only for the upper part as a top and t-shirt avoiding adhesions.

Total white, the right choice to be elegant but easy.

Among other things, the white looks “refresh” even the hottest days. Fresh linen or silk dresses are essential in the summer! And it doesn’t matter if they get wrinkled right away, on the contrary, creases give the garments a certain something. Perfect in the city and in an ultralight version by the sea, even as a cover-up passepartout.

The power of white is actually that it is like a blank painting canvas. With its super sophisticated and chic allure,White is a color that immediately makes elegance, and you can easily combine different items of the same color without incurring stylish accidents!

Summer in White

From sunglasses with white frames to jeweled white sandals, from the white beach bag to the bleached straw hat, the watchword for being impeccable on the sand, on a sailboat or by the pool is “white”!

White is obviously perfect color for daring swimsuits (but never trasparent!). So, it is very important to buy a high quality swimsuit, well lined internally, to avoid showing what one should not, once out of the water. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, choose a low-cost brand, dedicate yourself to your tan and lie in the sun! But have fun making your look even more beautiful with accessories, such as sunglasses and a cascade of bracelets, for example. Necklaces and anklets with shells could be the right complement to complete a beach look.

If after reading this paragraph you need some “vitamin Sea”, discover our selection of clothes and accessories for you summer vacation:

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