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Ray-Ban Sunglasses: The Icons.

Ray-Ban style have touched every part of life. Let’s see how the Ray-Ban style was born and its most famous models.

The success behind the myth

To begin with, the first Ray-Ban model was originally designed for United States Air Force’s pilots. Ray-Ban born in 1937, created by one of the most important American lens factories, the Bausch and Lomb company.  Today Ray-Ban belongs to the the Italian giant Luxottica, owned by Leonardo Del Vecchio.

In the 1960s and 1970s, young people around the world dreamt of acquiring a pair. As a matter of fact, wearing Ray-bans meant sharing a part of the American dream and for just a moment believing oneself to be a Hollywood star.

For example, when Tom Cruise wore them in Paul Brickman’s film Risky Business (1983), Ray-Ban Wayfarer sales increased twenty-fold. A resounding success even for the most famous glasses in the world accustomed to celebrity for over seventy years.

Ray-Ban was also responsible for creating one of the most imitated model on the planet, that is to say the Ray-Ban Aviator.


He is the father of all Ray-Ban models! Originally designed to protect the eyes of pilots of the US Air Force who were flying at high altitude, Aviators merged fine design with cutting-edge technology. Basically, they were banning the sun rays from the eyes (this is where the name comes from).

So, the Aviators immediately spread even outside the military world when, in 1936, the company sold them to the public. The following year Ray-Ban registered the patent for this model. Developped for their functional excellence, the Aviators changed the face of society forever.


The Shooter sunglasses came the following year. They are a very particular variant of the classic Aviator, in which the double bridge and the acetate-lined front brow bar stand out.

The Shooter sunglasses were designed with thin temples to accentuate the decorative circle in the center of the frame. This model introduced a little more security and stability into everybody’s lives.


The main feature of these sunglasses are the enhanced brow bar, that creates a more intense focus on the shape, and the cable temples, that provide more stility and secure fit for more intense activities.

Designed to resist the harsh, damaging outdoor rays, the Outdoorsman raised performance and reliabilty to an unprecedented level and quickly became the first truly universal moved from the blinding glare of the sun to the immortalizing flash on the red carpet.


Another very popular and much imitated model of glasses is definitely the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. They born in 1952 when the face of culture saw a new expression – Rock and Roll! They had a revolutionary impact in the eyewear world. In the past, the frames had always been made of metal, thin and discreet, while Wayfarer was in acetate, so much more flashy and striking.

Built as strong and sturdy as the personalities who wore them, they are one of the best-selling model in the history of sunglasses. It is impossible not to remember them in the Blues Brothers movie where the protagonists always wear them, even at night. Also pop legend Michael Jackson always wore them during his famous “Bad” tour in the late 1980s.


In 1957 Ray-Ban launched a new model with more squared, geometric and aerodynamic shapes and with it came the birth of the Caravan, an alternative to the classic Aviator.

The name of the glasses is due to the shape of the square lenses, which recalled the portholes of the caravans of the time. Adding a sleek fashion sense to the classic metals, they brought light minimalist design that easily turned any outfit into a designer brand.


Drawing inspiration from the previous style, the Clubmaster redefined retro with its simple and straightfoward design, instantly making itself the official sponsor of the culture.

The unmistakable style of the classic Clubmaster model is characterized by the signature temple rivets and the the cello-metal frame that combines the lightness of celluloid with the stability and strength of metal.


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