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Choose The Best Shades For Your Face.

The sun is starting to come out, so it’s time to rock the shades! Check out which glasses are best for your face shape.

1. Oval Face


Charateristic: Face has symmetrical features, with jaw tapering evenly to the chin. Proportionally speaking, oval faces have hit the jackpot! In other words, almost any style will flatter this face. Wayfarer style, wrap-around ot rounded square silhouettes are ideal choices.

Choose:  Cat eyes, round, oversizes, aviator or wrap style… choose glasses that are the same width as you face, not wider.

Avoid: Frames that are too narrow for your face.

2. Round Face


Charateristic: Face width and lenght are roughly equal to one another, with the widest point being at the cheekbones. Therefore, choose wide-frame and rectangular-shaped sunglasses in deep bold colors add definition and make the face look longer.

Choose: Wide, Square and Rectangular frames.

Avoid: Round frames, that make your face look more round.

3. Square Face


Charateristic: Square faces are slightly wider than they are tall, with a strong, sculpted jaw. That is to say that frames should sit high on the face to balance the jaw-round-frame and cat-eye styles are especially flattering

Choose: Oval or Round frames, that will balance this face shape

Avoid: Angular frames, thant will emphasise angular features

4. Triangle Face


Charateristic: Face tapers through the cheekbones and is narrowest at the chin. So, light-colored sunglasses in cat-eye, aviators and rimless styles are perfect for you. 

Choose: Cat-eye, round and aviators frame

Avoid: Large Frames, overly emebllished glasses 

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