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Love Your Bag! 10 easy tips to take care of your It-Bag.

Here are 5 practical tips to
protect your investment piece and make it last forever.

A bag is the traveling companion of every woman, it is a special object of daily use, trustworthy helper and above all, the guardian of the most personal items.

The designer bags often become much more than an accessory, they are a status and often, also become a long-term investment in the case of luxury bags. For this reason It-Bags and Cult Bags with fine leather deserve to be treated with care.

Remember that the leather bag is an organic item and, if left untreated, it becomes dirty and dull. This is why the maintenance of your leather bag is so important, if you want to enjoy it as long as possible.

Care your bags in 5 steps.

1. Use specific products to protect the bag from water and stains

Before putting on your bag, you should spray it with a waterproofing spray. This little care therefore prevents water stains and minimizes the risk of getting dirty. In addition, always keep a plastic bag with you; it it rains, just put it inside to protect it from the wet.

2. Hold your liquid, pen and small items in different pouches

Absolute chaos reigns in most bags. Elastics, keys, perfume testers, pens etc. , can damage the lining of your beautiful bag. For this reason it is better to store the various objects in small cosmetic bags, so as to always find everything and let the lining remain as new.

3. Pamper the leather

Every now, renew nourishing treatment with a specific cream, to ensure softness and shine of the leather. If the skin becomes dry it is easier for it crack. Even the cleansing milk used daily for facial cleaning can be used with the help of a microfibre cloth and gently rubbed on some stain and then buffered with a soft cloth.

4. Fill your bags with paper to maintain in shape

To keep the shape intact, fill it with tissue paper. We recommend you do not use the classic everyday because it could dirty the inside of the bags.

5. Protect the bag with a dustbag

Instead of throwing it into the closet or even on the floor, keep your designer bag in a dust-proof bag (they often come with it) and store it in a high shelf of the wardrobe, as far away as possible from the dust. Furthermore, to always remain soft and smooth, leather needs to breathe. So avoid storing your bag in plastic bags with the change of season. Always prefer canvas dustbags and cardboard boxes.

Watch our tutorial on how to take good care of your bags.

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