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The Gucci Bamboo Bag: style and elegance for over 70 years

Gucci created the Bamboo Bag in 1947. Suddenly it became an absolute icon of the international jet-set between the ’50s and ’60s. Exhibited by many socialite ladies and movie stars, on the screen and in real life, this beautiful bag gave Gucci international recognition.

The legend begin

The Bamboo Bag (or model No. 0633) constitutes a milestone of the Gucci brand. Inspired by the shape of the saddle with the coordinated closure of the bamboo handle, it is curvilinear and functional.

Most importantly, the bamboo wooden handle  was a very exotic and unusual element for the fashion of the time. The handle was shaped by holding the bamboo over a flame, and was shaped by hand. Probably, the usage of bamboo also was a way to reduce the amount of leather to make the bag, as a result of the continuing wartime shortage.

Grasping the bamboo handle, it is an exotic escape. It represents a breaking an aesthetic scheme, who wants coherence in the choice of materials. Gucci continued to make the Bamboo Bag with slight modifications over the years. For example, Gucci created a rare model detailed with a shell closure.

The main feature of this bag is the wonderful closing consisting of a rare Leopard Cone Shell. The Leopard Cone is fairly common in Hawaiian waters, happens to be the largest Cone Shell species found in Hawaii. This feature makes the bag truly unique and hard to find!

The “New Bamboo”

In 2010, Frida Giannini revisited the model and placed it on the market under the name “New Bamboo” bag. The new Bamboo keeps the small proportions and the bamboo handle and adds fringes, braided leather straps and metal chains. This is how modern design and a sense of heritage come together to create a winning combination.

In 2013 director Sophia Eldenstein directed a video titled “I Bamboo You”,to celebrate the historic Bamboo Bag. The short movie starring Clara Paget and musician George Barnett. The story is the classic love story.

Clara chases after George until she notices that another girl is wearing a beautiful bag. So, she pretends to kiss him passionately to distract her and after that, she steal her purse in her hands. In conclusion, “I Bamboo You” is the love story of a girl and her favorite bag!

That be the case to take the popcorn and have a look at this romantic movie!

Gucci “I bamboo You”


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