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Live Shopping on Instagram during our showcases

During our showcases, you can purchase what you see on Instagram!

In this post we want to show you a little more of our showcases around Italy, and how to keep up your vintage live shopping without phisically attending the events.

Our main showcase is twice a year, during the “Mercanteinfiera”, in Parma. Last one has ended just a week ago.


During this shows we have the chance to take a lot of pictures and videos of the items showcased. All these beautiful rare pieces can be purchased through our Instagram shoppable catalog.

OphertyCiocci Showcase at MercanteinFiera, March 2019
Our latest showcase in Parma, which just ended.

We find this option really useful for our customers. One-of-a-kind items seen in a different context (which is not plain white background) can bring new emotions, and can be seen with a different perspective.

MercanteinFiera Showcase, 2019

Mercanteinfiera is a very interesting event. It was born more than 30 years ago for antique dealers, and is now by far the biggest event in Italy for furniture, watches, jewels and fashion. It counts more than 2000 dealers over 4 endless padillions.

The fashion section is in padillion N. 6, and counts about 50 to 100 of the best vintage and second hand fashion dealers in Italy. You’ll definitely find the trendy bag you are looking for.

Our showcase during the March 2018 event.

Feel free to contact us for free entry tickets and indications on how to get there:

Can’t wait to see next Mercanteinfiera showcase? Before that, you are more than welcome have a loot at our new arrivals listed every day:

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