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1970s: Jackie O, the iconic bag of Jacqueline Kennedy

The right bag for a real First Lady

In this post we want to share some interesting details on Jackie O, Jacqueline Kennedy

In the late ’70s, many photos depicting Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis with oversized sunglasses and a shoulder bag. Rounded trapeze-shaped at the base, short leather shoulder strap and metal front closure… Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the Gucci Jackie O’ hobo bag! A cult that has become an iconic sign associated with the former US first lady.

Formal but dynamic

Gucci created the bag in 1958. Over the years has undergone small changes while it still maintaining the typical details. The perfect accessory for a working woman, who needs practicality but who does not want to say no to class and glamour.

Get the Jacqueline Kennedy Look!

Certainly, Jacqueline Kennedy knew how to make official and social life coexist with the free and dynamic dimension of the American culture. Here are some tips if you want a first lady look!

1. Oversized sunglasses are a must!
2. A silk scarf as a head wrap (great for convertible car rides)
3. A Gucci Jackie ‘O hobo bag, if you want to be a Lady of Style!


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