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Prada: logos, shapes and details

A close look at authentic Prada bags and accessories. How and what to look for. Some useful information about Prada colors, leather types and more.

This post can help you to check a Prada bag you are not totally confident with or would love to purchase soon, and help your confidence for future second-hand online shopping.

PRADA is very famous for the quality of the materials / fabrics they use to produce bags & accessores. Here is a list of the most popular materials:

Prada Materials

  • Bufalo – Buffalo Leather
  • Canapa – Canvas
  • Cinghiale – Wild Boarskin
  • Coccodrillo – Crocodile
  • Daino – Deerskin
  • Feltro – Felt (usually wool)
  • Lucertola – Lizard
  • Nappa – Full Grain Leather
  • Pelliccia – Fur
  • Raso – Satin
  • Saffiano – Textured Leather
  • Scamosciato – Suede
  • Spazzolato – Polished Leather
  • Struzzo – Ostrich
  • Tessuto – Woven Microfiber
  • Vela Sport – Nylon
  • Vernice – Patent Leather
  • Vitello – Calf Leather

You may want to take a moment to look up for the title and fabric (material) of the bag you are looking at, and see if you find the same one on experienced second hand fashion websites.

Color (COLORE)

Check the Color (COLORE) name on the card. Some are not intuitive. If you see a bag with a card saying “COLORE SABBIA” but it is red for example, it is not the right card for the bag. These are only a few .

  • Fuoco – red
  • Bluette – cornflower blue
  • Cobalto – cobalt blue
  • Cameo – blush
  • Nero – black
  • Viola – violet purple
  • Ibisco – hibiscus (a deeper pink)
  • Arancio – Orange
  • Fumo – grey with brownish undertone
  • Militaire – dark olive green with brownish undertones
  • Caramel – light brown/light tan
  • Ottanio – teal
  • Papaya – orange

Details and Accessories

All items recently purchased by PRADA or any other authorized retailer should come with the following items:

  • Authenticity cards
  • Box
  • Care booklets
  • Dust cover (bag)

It is possible that the Prada accessory you are about to purchase will not come with these accessories. We come across many second hand accessories in mint condition, but with no tags, dustbags or shop cards. In this case, we strongly suggest our followers to ask for a certificate of authenticity, which in our opinion should be provided for further proof, especially when an item does not come with its original packaging. Needless to say we provide it in many of our luxury vintage and contemporary items 😉

Logos and Plaques (Outside)

Some Prada bags have a triangle hardware where the logo is held. Most recent models have the gold or silver metal plaque/logo. Check carefully and compare logos and fonts with the images we provide, and the ones you can see from our Prada selection. Some models will have the logo affixed in the back.

More useful tips on the logos:

  • Commonly on the outside there is a triangle plate with the words PRADA MILANO DAL 1913. Some bags have the Prada logo or name embossed in the leather instead of a metal plate on the outside. On the inside there is a rectangular plate on the inner pocket that says PRADA MADE IN ITALY or PRADA MILANO MADE IN ITALY
  • It should be securely attached on all three corners to the bag. If stitched, the stitches must be minute and tidy and evenly spaced.
  • If you you run your fingers across the logo, you should be able to feel that the letters and symbols slightly raised (this is not the case for Vintage PRADA’s – logos were applied with no relief)
  • The color of the enamel on the logo must match or be very close to the color of the purse. Metal plates will have a background color matching the material, and border / lettering matching the hardware color
  • The logo itself have a nice thickness to it.
  • All the letters and their size are all in proportion; many fakes can be seen because, after a close-up look at the logo, you may see irregularities and letter imperfections.
  • Some style of bags will have Prada embossed on the bag instead of the usual and very popular Prada triangle logo
Fratelli Prada (one of the first Prada logo's back in 1913)
Fratelli Prada (one of the first Prada logo’s back in 1913)

In the spring of 1913, Mario Prada and his brother Martino opened their first leather goods shops in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, in Milan. The fine leather trunks of Fratelli Prada (Prada Brothers) – this was their trading name – became so popular and renowned that in 1919 the brand was appointed the official supplier to the Savoia Royal family.

Logos and Plaques (Inside)

  • Logo must be correctly attached to the internal lining. If you see any border coming slightly off, or any stiches over the lining & sides of the logo, you should ask for further help.
  • You will be able to feel a piece of backing material underneath the plaque.
  • In many cases, all logo corners are rounded
  • The color of the enamel on it usually matches or is very close to the color of the lining.
  • The color on the rim of the plaque (gold or silver) usually matches the color of the hardware of the purse.
  • The placement of the letters, their size and spacing are all the same proportion.

Internal lining

Prada bags are lined in the following types of lining material:

  • Prada signature fabric (usually in black or coordinating color with the word Prada and a symbol that looks like a sideway letter S woven throughout.)
  • Smooth calf leather (Vitello)
  • Satin (Raso)

Most common is the silky canvas lining with the Prada monogram woven throughout, one line right side up, the next upside down. Some designs have smooth leather or satin lining with no pattern, in a matching or contrasting color to the outer.


Hardware used in Prada products comes in three colors.

  • Silver-toned
  • Gold-toned
  • Rose color gold-toned

The bag’s hardware will have one of those colors, never a combination of 2 or all colors. Hardware on authentic bags is marked with the word Prada very cleanly (counterfeit hardware is quite visible, apparently Prada’s hardware is quite difficult to replicate)

Prada bags and most accessories have one or more of the below zippers:

  • Lampo (with & without the lightning bolt)
  • IPI
  • Opti
  • riri
  • ykk

In some clutch cosmetic purses, zippers do not have Prada logo engraved, but the zipper has to have an indication of one of the brands listed above. More recent bags have gold or silver metal zippers on the inside & outside of the bag. Older (Vintage) Prada’s used to have plastic zippers on the inside.

Hidden number tag

I have always looked for the hidden number tag, and can tell you that I have always found it in genuine prada bags. The few times I did not, I did not trust the items to be genuine. This tag usually may be found inside the internal pocket, in one of the corners. Usually, the internal pocket lining is made of smooth fabric and can be turned inside out, in order to find it more easily. Usually, it is a white tag with a black number reference. Many counterfitters forget to add this!

Please Note: This post contains suggestions on how to try and avoide non authentic items. We try and document what we experience throughout years and years of hard work, and share with you information we think is important, which is found on the web. Prada produced a very high variety of bags and accessories over many years. This document does not contain all this information. Some of it may be incomplete, or incorrect. If you do think any part of this post may need correction or further detiail, please do not hesistate to contact us, and we will happy to revise if necessary. 
80 Responses
  • Dee
    06 . 06 . 2019

    Did Prada always have the 2-digit number in their bags?

    • adminBlog
      06 . 06 . 2019

      Hi! My experience is not enough to say “always”. But for sure I can tell you that every bag from the late 80s / 90s onwards should have a digit number/tag which usually is inside an internal pocket. Do let me know if we can help out in any other way 🙂

      • Sur09
        03 . 12 . 2019

        hi, i bought a prewoned 2013 PRADA (Prada BL0796) and it only has one digit number/tag inside the internal pocket. Could it be a fake?

        • Marco Operti
          03 . 12 . 2019

          It could be, if you wish, do send us some images with our chat options, and we’ll be happy to give you some advices if possibile.

  • red
    09 . 08 . 2019

    hi there has anyone ever seen a quality care (white tag on the inside) tag with numbers and then dots underneath it?

    • Marco Operti
      10 . 08 . 2019

      Can you add a picture in order to try and see if i can help?

  • Maria Corcoran
    10 . 08 . 2019

    Great site- explained very clearly what to look for! Thank you!

  • AJ
    31 . 10 . 2019

    Hello. Did Prada ever make a bag that only had a rectangular shaped emblem on yhe outside of the bag? With no #tag or log on the inside? I have a bag that is so beautifully made, with brass hardware, but doesn’t contain some of must-haves it appears it should ;( Thank you!!

    • Marco Operti
      31 . 10 . 2019

      Hi! Would you mind sending us a few pictures? You are more than welcome to do it through whatsapp or email. Let’s see if I can help 😉

  • Michelle Greco
    05 . 11 . 2019

    Hi can you tell me how to authenticate a Prada mens leather wallet? It obviously doesnt have all the same items of authentication as a purse.

    • Marco Operti
      05 . 11 . 2019

      Hi Michelle! Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we do not have enough experience to guide you thoroughly with Prada men wallets. As always. I am happy to share my opinion, even though it will not be considered as any form of authentication. You are welcome to share images of the wallet here, or through whatsapp (from our main site OPHERTYCIOCCI.COM)

  • MsRPman
    16 . 11 . 2019

    Recently purchased a used Prada bag online, and it does not have any white tag with numbers nor does it say made in Italy anywhere. The bag is red with a brown stitching and there is a middle seam on front of bag. Is this normal?

    • Marco Operti
      16 . 11 . 2019

      Send us some pictures through our chat service, on our main store (, or attach them with your response here on the blog post. This way We may be able to help further.

  • Stella
    01 . 12 . 2019

    Hi! I just bought a vintage small Prada nylon tote and according to the authenticity card it is from 91. Everything with the bag such as the lining, the plaques, logos and so on seems to be identical as for an authentic bag, except for the zippers. They’re made out of plastic, but the back of the zippers has no mark from any brand. I was wondering, is it possible that the bag is authentic without the mark on the zipper or does that surely mean that is is a counterfeit? Also the printed letters on the authenticity card that tells the colour and material of the bag is a little messy, is that another sign?

    • Marco Operti
      01 . 12 . 2019

      You can contact us privately (email or WhatsApp) with some pictures, so we can give you some advice.

      Not sure what you mean by:

      Also the printed letters on the authenticity card that tells the colour and material of the bag is a little messy, is that another sign?

  • Stella
    01 . 12 . 2019

    Also the holder of the authenticity card is light blue and not black. Does the colour of that matter or can a vintage bag have another design on the authenticity card holder? I want to clarify that the bag has that little white tag in the interior pocket saying 31, and the padding under the plaque on the interior pocket. The seaming is all good and even and I can turn the interior pocket inside out

  • Tara
    07 . 12 . 2019

    Hello can you authenticate my prada nylon bag 1BH910 ? I tried to email you but seems like the address is not found

  • Vicki
    10 . 01 . 2020

    Hi, if you have ever bought your bag back to Prada to change the interior lining, the bag will not comes back with the number tag.

    • Marco Operti
      10 . 01 . 2020

      Interesting, Vicki. Also Chanel does not include the original hologram when it comes to internal lining substitution, but they give you a receipt confirming the restauration. In this case you would need to keep the Prada restauration receipt which can be used as authentication proof.

      Thanks for sharing, though!

      Take care,
      Marco, Carla & Barbara

  • Hazel
    27 . 01 . 2020

    Hi! I recently bought a Pre loved prada tessutto red tote but the logo plaque is on the side of the bag and not on the front as what I usually saw on the net. I am confident that this is genuine and authentic but I want to know the reason why? Thank you.

    • Marco Operti
      27 . 01 . 2020

      Hi! Yes, it is normal for some models to have the metal plaque on the side other than on the front, as most of the models do.

  • Jamie
    24 . 02 . 2020

    Hi…I was reading this to look for signs of a fake and I’m confused. I have an authentic nylon Prada mini that I know is real because I personally purchased it in the prada section of neiman Marcus in Law Vegas, however, I’m not finding the number tag on the interior. Why would it not be there? Do some models come without the serial number tag?

    • Marco Operti
      24 . 02 . 2020

      We have been dealing with Prada bags which are dated up to 2017, and all the bags we dealt with had the tag with numbers inside their zipper pocket (some small models without pockes had them inside the bag). We don’t have enough information to share a rule with respect to this tag, on bags produced after this date. If you purchased a new bag at Neiman Marcus, you shouldn’t even need to worry about authentication.

      A gentle reminder for all of you who read our posts; we cannot and will not give standards or procedures concerning authenticity of designer brands. We cannot do that, and will never even try 🙂 We are here to share our knowledge and know-how as much as possible, helping the most to stay away from the counterfeit world, which unfortunately is a scourge for worldwide economy. Any of you who want to share information is absolutely more than welcome, we will gather it and share it in our future posts. Our aim is to have a community of vintage lovers.

  • Sofia
    17 . 05 . 2020

    Hi! I recently bought a Prada bag from an online reseller and my bag has two white tags on the inside, one is a two digit tag and one is a three digit number. Would you be able to authenticate if my bag is real? It also doesn’t have metal tags, so I have no way of telling the metal used on the bag, your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Marco Operti
      23 . 05 . 2020

      Hi Sofia, if you haven’t yet, send me some pictures via email, you find our contacts from our online boutique.

  • Tash
    23 . 05 . 2020

    Hi there,
    Very interesting article Thankyou!
    I have a Prada bag that was gifted to me about 18 yrs ago (approx) that I was thinking of selling but can’t find anything like it at all.
    It doesn’t have any numbers or (tags for them) – I know it’s authentic because the person who gave it to me is insanely rich and gives me a lot of Gucci LV prada Chloé Christian Dior Valentino etc
    The bag is a small black mini bowler with pony hair (?) or cow hide on both sides, leather trim, Prada is embossed into the fur on one side. It has two straps with four buckles where they attach to the bag (all silver hardware prada embossed). It has a key attached on a leather strap and a locks on the side with a silver pad lock).
    I can’t find anything like it online to be able to price it.
    The badge inside is rectangular which I think means it’s vintage?
    Is it possible it’s a one off? (As I know she likes to buy couture pieces that I can’t find anywhere or where you need an appointment to have one made for you).
    Can I take it to a Prada store for authentication and pricing?
    Thanks for any help you can offer

    • Marco Operti
      23 . 05 . 2020

      Hi! Lucky you 🙂 Your words seems to describe a beautiful vintage Prada bag. However, the best way as you are suggesting is to bring it to your Prada local store, and have it “recognized”, as I don’t think Prada stores release authentications or certifications. If they don’t leave you anything in writing, your second best bet I think is to have it authenticated from a 3rd party authenticator. We work with Entrupy, they are the best. We would be glad to offer you this service, but shipping back and forth would cost you a lot. You could find some local vintage reseller which already works with Entrupy, you can search it from their reseller map on their website.

      Feel free to come and visit our online boutique:, we will be more than happy to offer you a welcome discount coupon 🙂

  • Lauren Schumacher
    01 . 06 . 2020

    Hi! Is it possible for the inside lining of an authentic prada to have a tag that says “made in Spain?” The plaque inside says Prada Milano as it should but there’s a small fabric tag that says made in Spain. Ive done a lot of research and every other authenticity factor checks out. Thanks in advance!

    • Marco Operti
      01 . 06 . 2020

      I cannot recall any Prada Made in Spain on vintage and contemporary Prada bags. This is just some feedback of our knowledge, and must not be considered a full response to your question. That said, I would definitely authenticate this bag, or ask for authentication.

  • Leticia Avila
    20 . 07 . 2020

    Do all Prada zippers have the name of the company it comes from on the back side?

    • Marco Operti
      20 . 07 . 2020

      For our knowledge, the answer is no – not all of them do.

  • Cathy
    27 . 07 . 2020

    Hello can you pls help me authenticate my prada nylon bag? I will email you

  • Candy
    27 . 07 . 2020

    Hello could you pls help me authenticate may vintage prada nylon bag that i purchased in Japan thrift store. I emailed you:) thank you

  • Abby Gamilla
    12 . 08 . 2020

    Hi! Will sent you an email. Can you help me to check if the bag is original. Really need your hell thanks

  • Debra P
    22 . 09 . 2020

    Hello and thanks for all these helpful details. If a Prada tessuto bag has a triangle plaque on the outside, will the inside plaque always be triangle-shaped as well, or can it be rectangle? Thanks so much for your help.

  • Mint
    03 . 10 . 2020

    I recently bought a preloved Prada Borsa Tessuto Nero. I was wondering if it should have had a hidden number tag? Also, there wasn’t any brand engraved on the zippers, just plain one. The authenticity card’s envelope included was in blue not black. Ugh~ This is frustrating.

  • Amy
    05 . 10 . 2020

    Hi! First I’d like to say thank you for your dedication and willingness to share your knowledge and provide your opinions on authenticity. I have a pair of white pants that appear to be Prada. I’ve read and read and only grow more confused by each new “always” and “never” guide. I’m mostly curious because I’d like to know whether I should destroy them if they are fake to eliminate the chance of anyone else coming across them or when if they are authentic, I’d like to donate them when I grow tired of them. I will email a photo and would be grateful to know what you think. I’d hate to destroy a genuine product that still has purpose and life. Thank you for your time!

  • Luisa Tolentino
    08 . 10 . 2020

    I disagree with the statement that you will never find a Prada bag with a combination of more than one color hardware. The fact is there is a whole line that came out a few years ago that had a double zipper in two tones (gold and silver).

    • adminBlog
      09 . 10 . 2020

      I agree, Luisa. As we always say, we have vintage bags as main reference, for suggestions that we provide. We do not consider them statements, but suggestions. A statement could only come from Prada 🙂 For contemporary ones, we always suggest certification or professional authentication (as we do with top services such as Entrupy).

  • Gaby
    15 . 10 . 2020

    Hi. Thank you for this helpful article.
    Do you have any idea or knowledge of why a nylonPrada small bag will have two white tags inside a pocket? Both tags are white, but one has the number 31 in black and the other one the number 26 in red.

    • Marco Operti
      15 . 10 . 2020

      Not only Nylon bags, most of Prada bags have this number on a white label, which usually is inside the internal pocket.

      • Alice
        08 . 01 . 2021

        So is it normal that the bag have 2 white tags? 🙂

        • Marco Operti
          08 . 01 . 2021

          Hi Alice, can’t recall 2 white tags inside the internal pocket. Usually it’s 1…

  • RR
    01 . 11 . 2020

    I’m wanting to buy a Prada nylon crossbody, but it has 2 white tags inside, 1 single digit and 1 with 3 digits. The “Made In” tag is also stitched in and cannot see where it is made! Is it fake or just a defect?

  • Shally
    03 . 11 . 2020

    This is a godsend site! Can you please advise on my Prada mini nylon backpack. 10 years-plus old, seems genuine except for no date on logo, no maket marks on zips, and authenticity card not stamped at purchase point.

  • Franzze
    12 . 11 . 2020

    Hi! Got a preloved Prada Trapezoidal-shape Tote Bag. It has a [1] authenticity card in blue envelope (not black) that states MV1 Vela Nero. Upon reading your blog, I checked the [2] zippers and both of them doesn’t have any markings of Prada neither a zipper’s manufacturer’s name, just a plain one; [3] hidden number tag, I can’t find it.

    Now I’m confused and kinda frustrated if I bought a fake one. Huhuhu

    The logo passed the “R” and “A” criteria;
    the stitching is slightly angled;
    the interior logo plaque is rectangular with 4 rounded corners, and matches the interior fabric;
    the fabric have a pattern that alternates a line printed with Prada and a line of rope motif. Every other line with the Prada logo is printed upside down;
    the phrase split between 3 lines on the plaque. “Prada” is on the first line, followed by “Milano” on the second line, and then “Made in Italy” on the third line.

    What should I do as I want to sell it already due to pandemic..

    • Marco Operti
      12 . 11 . 2020

      I would definitely go through a professional authentication service, if I were you, before selling it.

  • Alexa
    28 . 11 . 2020

    Hi Marco I’m gonna buy a vintage Prada bag and needed your help in finding out whether by it is real or not! Please help me! What is your email?

  • Ricca
    30 . 11 . 2020

    hi! i have a question i purchased a vintage prada bag, it is made of nylon, the plates or logos looks fine, but the zipper doesn’t have a brand only a jumbo zipper, and also there is a number 7 all over the zippers, but the bag doesn’t have a white small number inside it, i just wonder if it is authentic? thank you so much..

    • Marco Operti
      30 . 11 . 2020

      There are a lot of variables which you would need to take into consideration – for example, in my experience I cannot recall a nylon Prada vintage bag without the white internal tag. I would go through an authentication process, if I were you. I can provide a discount coupon of an authentication service we sometimes work with.

  • Gaby
    26 . 12 . 2020

    Hi can i ask for help to you to authenticate my vintage prada bag? Thankyou 🙏🏻❤

  • Maria Francisco
    18 . 01 . 2021

    Hi Marco ,
    I recently purchased a saffiano medium Prada bag from a prada outlet store in Canada ( premium outlet) and will you please confirm if I purchased an authentic Prada bag?
    What should informations send I send you?
    Can u please reply via email?

    • Marco Operti
      18 . 01 . 2021

      Hi Maria. Just out of interest, if you purchased a Prada bag from a Prada outlet store, why wouldn’t it be authentic?

  • Armira
    19 . 01 . 2021

    Hi! Saw your blog about authenticating prada vintage bags and im really having a hard time to authenticate which prada bag is really geniune. I bought a vintage hobo bag and im not 100% sure if it is really authentic. Can you help me authenticate it?

  • Lesley Jackson
    25 . 01 . 2021


    I’m looling at a brand new, unused pre owned Prada bag but it’s a Struzzo according to the care card being shown and on the box but it’s smooth leather. There is a receipt showing for £1630 too but this isn’t necessarily for this bag. Having tried to look it up it appears the Struzzo was only made in Ostrich. Is this true?

  • Lee
    11 . 02 . 2021

    Hi! I have just bought a pre-owned Prada bag and its zipper does not have any indication of Lampo, IPI, Opti, riri or ykk. Is it surely fake?
    Could you please help me authenticate it?
    Many thanks!

    • Marco Operti
      12 . 02 . 2021

      Hi Lee. We DO NOT authenticate bags which we don’t sell. It’s just not our business. We give free advice on what to look for based on our experience. You should ALWAYS ask for third party authentication before purchasing pre-loved designer bags. Any seller should be able to provide this service in 2021, paid for OR free of charge. You can also request it yourself, when you receive the bag – Please email me or use whatsapp and I will forward you some standard third party authenticator who we work with, and also provide a discount coupon for their services.

      • Lee
        28 . 02 . 2021

        Hi Marco! I appreciate your advice. I will send you an email asap.

  • Volt
    20 . 02 . 2021

    What about having 2 white tags. One in black font and other one in red font. Would you know what it means. Thanks in advance.

  • Paula
    26 . 02 . 2021

    Hi, Your willingness to publicly share your knowledge on Prada is greatly appreciated! My daughter gave me a rather large Prada Milano Dal 1913 purse. It’s certainly an older bag, however beautiful shiny black look of Patent leather, but doesn’t feel like any leather I have ever felt. That’s not saying much for myself as I am by no means little to zero knowledge of such high end purses. When my daughter told me she was going to give me a Prada but I ever didn’t want it, make sure I returned it to her. When she said she was giving me a Prada, my response was, “What is a Prada?” So she explained as we also shared the sentimental value of the Prada she gave me. I have to admit the sentimental value is priceless. Hence there reason for my inquiring. I know it is an older Prada the interior is in need of repair.

  • Regine
    28 . 03 . 2021

    Hi Marco, thanks for all the tips – you are very passionate and dedicated. I have purchased a vintage nylon bag from Singapore and need some help authenticating it. Thank you so much in advance!

  • Boo
    07 . 04 . 2021

    Hello is it possible to ask your opinion about a Prada bucket hat that is for sale “new with tags” – I want to buy it for my daughters 18th birthday but cannot afford a brand new one – so it is is really important that I try to ensure it is not a fake! It seems to have the right “R” and “A” and also “Milano DAL 1013” on the metal plaque but I cant find much advice on what else to look out for and i cant really tell from the photos about the quality of the stitching. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Marco Operti
      09 . 04 . 2021

      Ask the seller for a certificate of proof of authenticity. Professional serious sellers should, by now, offer a paid for or complementary certificate of authenticity issued from a third party authenticator. At least, this is what we offer.

  • Jane Faj
    12 . 04 . 2021

    Hi I’m planning to buy this vintage Prada bag and I was asking for the date code but the buyer said vintage Prada doesn’t have those. Is this really possible?

    • Marco Operti
      12 . 04 . 2021

      Hi Jane. It could be possible, but are you sure you are asking the right question? What do you mean by datecode? Why don’t you ask for a certificate of authenticity of the bag you are about to purchase, provided by a third party authenticator? Sometimes this helps a lot. This is what we offer for many vintage designer items we sell.

  • kyla
    23 . 04 . 2021

    The pictures are all authentic?

    • Marco Operti
      23 . 04 . 2021

      Do you mean the PICTURES are authentic, or the items in the pictures are authentic? For both answers, yes.

  • Jocelyn Vigil
    16 . 09 . 2021

    I bought a Prada backpack and believe it is fake. The leather feels slick like plastic, I can see bumpiness in the backpack straps that are sewn into the upper back, not all the grommets are perfectly flush, the logo is not perfectly silver and looks dull, and the logo looks a little wavy if you look closely. The seller says it’s real. I’m pretty sure it isn’t with all the flaws I found.

    • Marco Operti
      27 . 11 . 2021

      You should always ask for third party authentication proof if you are not confident with the sellers, or if you have never purchased from him/her before. There are many ways sellers can provide this, and you have all the right to ask.

  • Jessica Black
    27 . 09 . 2021

    My Mother-in-law gave me a Prada Milano tote bag but it Doesn’t have the white tag on the inside I have looked all through it and I found the serial number on a button I was just wanting to know if it was authentic it is a little rough around the edges it is a beautiful tote bag that definitely needs a little touch up.

    • Marco Operti
      27 . 11 . 2021

      Unfortunately we don’t “check” or “authenticate” bags, there are professional services which provide this. We only share our knowledge free of charge to help friends and customers.

  • Sasya
    02 . 11 . 2021

    hi! I already bought some Prada backpack with bulldog zipper. could u pls help me to check it? 🙁 I’ll send the pictures of my bag if y want

    • Marco Operti
      27 . 11 . 2021

      Unfortunately we don’t “check” or “authenticate” bags, there are professional services which provide this. We only share our knowledge free of charge to help friends and customers.

  • AntonioLoano
    29 . 12 . 2021

    Vintage design is no exception, as logo designers of the past used to craft fonts by hand to get the exact type they wanted. As a result, big, block lettering, expressive serifs, asymmetrical strokes and retro scripts are all vintage logo favorites, with each carrying a different meaning and connection to the past.

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