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Balenciaga: zippers and serials

In this post we want to give you some general info about Balenciaga zippers and labels.

Extremely replicated, especially when it comes to the popular “city bag”. Be careful when shopping for a pre-loved Balenciaga bags.

Here are a few things to inspect.


Let’s start by saying that a lot of vintage and “old” models have “Lampo” zippers, which are imitated very badly, below you’ll find how the logo of the zipper (reverse side) should look like.

Tassels and Hardware

Tassels have to be soft, and of the same quality of the bag. “Hard” and “rumorous” tassels are NOT good.

Firstly you’ll find silver metal which looks more worn that it actually is, it is done on purpose to match the bag’s distressed leather.

Secondly, hardware could also be brass (take a look at Louis Vuitton magnet tutorial)No SHINY SILVERS!

Asking for more

As mentioned on other posts, don’t hesitate to ask for further certification when it comes to purchasing expensive pre-owned items.

In conclusion, we are authentication partners with Entrupy, one of the most skilled and aknowledged worldwide authenticators, and we provide their certificates on most of the accessories we sell.

Below is an example of a beautiful Balenciaga “City Bag” which we sold and provided a certificate of authenticity:

You may find OPHERTYCIOCCI through Entrupy’s trusted sellers

We are always here for help and suggestions, we love to help when possible. Shoot as an email or chat with us from our store homepage.


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