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1957: legendary Persol 649 is born.

In this post we would like to feature one of the most important iconic models of all times in the eyewear fashion industry: Persol Ratti 649 Sunglasses.

This timeless model is conceived in 1957 to cover the needs of the railway workers who needed to protect their eyes and face from dust and wind.

360 degree view of a Persol vintage 649 model.

From functional to fashion is only a few steps.

Firstly, Persol 649 becomes one of the most wanted designs.

Firstly, legendary Marcello Mastroianni Italian actor and director starts wearing them during one of the icon movies of Italian theatre: “Divorzio all’Italiana”.

Moreover, from the early 1960s, Persol enters Hollywood and the movies from the front door when many famous actors like Steve McQueen start to wear their 649 sunglasses during the movies as well as in life.

However, Steve McQueen actually makes model 714 become his legendary pair of sunglasses.

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