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Persol: what to look for and how

In this post we would like to help you when it comes to Authenticating Persol eyewear.

Let’s start by saying that in our knowledge, decent imitations of Persol glasses started coming out after Luxottica acquisition, in the mid 1990s.

However before that, spotting imitations was quite easy since it was more difficult and expensive to realize bulk, fine quality counterfeits.

Therefore the best way we can support you is by sharing our experience and knowledge through pictures and comments on vintage Persol eyewear we have dealt in the past, and are dealing with in the present.

Persol 649
Persol 1990s Sunglasses, model 649

Case and packaging

To start with let’s focus on the logo print of the vintage brown leather 649 original smooth case (Made in Italy).

If you purchase a vintage Persol 649 which is reads NEW with CASE, the smooth case should look like this.

Persol 649
Persol Ratti “649/3 Sport”- Limited Edition

In addition it is possible though that vintage eyewear will not come with the original packaging. In other words, many stocks do not have their original packaging no more. Bad storage through time has been the major issue in our opinion.

Logos and model prints

Moreover, let’s now take a look at a Vintage Ratti 649 “Sport” – limited edition, going back in time to the late 1970s.

Firstly, the model name and details incised on the internal arm, in blue color, is slightly worn off, but you can clearly see how the font and print looks neatly stamped.

Secondly, a common “mistake” of those imitating authentic eyewear is that they rush their work and forget to use correct fonts, and quickly print the model information which will not be straight and neat.

Lens incision

Now take a look at the Persol logo incised on the lenses of this vintage, early 1980s Meflecto Ratti model, with side shields / wind protection lenses.

As you can see, the logo features a circle and “PERSOL” around it. Look for this logo when you are in search of authentic Persol shades with THEIR ORIGINAL person lens.

In addition, Persol filters are still considered to be one of the best lenses you can use today.

The PERSOL logo print on the inside of the arm has slightly changed since the early Ratti models.

However, you can see how the print and the fonts are steady, straight and consistent from left to right. The “CE” print is also carfully aligned.

Another Iconic model we did deal with is “Carson”.

Beautiful men’s large aviator look, brown acetate frame with light weight gold metal arms. Moreover, below you can see how the logos and hardware should look like.

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