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Some help Louis Vuitton Hardware: get a magnet!

In this post Marco wants to show you an intuitive and quick way to immediately spot something which may not be right on Louis Vuitton bags: its hardware – Louis Vuitton hardware with a magnet.

Let’s start by saying there are numerous ways to spot counterfeit Louis Vuitton items. One of them is very simple; try with a magnet. Louis Vuitton vintage accessories have brass hardware.

As we all know, brass is not “attracted” to a magnet. Metal is, of course. Watch this video… and see!

Marco from OPHERTYCIOCCI, using a magnet to spot brass hardware.

Please Note: This post contains suggestions on how to try and avoide non authentic items. We try and document what we experience throughout years and years of hard work, and share with you information we think is important, which is found on the web. Louis Vuitton produced a very high variety of bags and accessories over many years. This document does not contain all this information. Some of it may be incomplete, or incorrect. If you do think any part of this post may need correction or further detiail, please do not hesistate to contact us, and we will happy to revise if necessary. 

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