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1959: Grace Kelly and her Bagonghi

How can a fleeting moment forge fashion? Any moment, in the life of Princess Grace Kelly.

Once upon a time…

This is a story about a beautiful princess and her innate elegance. The year was 1959 and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco was photographated while she was wearing a small Roberta Di Camerino doctor bag. From that day, the Bagonghi bag became a precious piece and a fashion symbol for women of high society. 

The first It-bag of fashion history

The handbag is made in a special type of velvet with a unique sheen and feel, while the metal finishes were forged even by the expert craftsmen who built the gondolas boat in Venice. The velvet is so rare that they manufacture only about 30 feet per month.

Starting from the 50s, the Bagonghi bag went around the world on the arm of Princess Grace Kelly who became the involuntary testimonial of the bag. In November 1959,
Italian magazine “L’Europeo” published it on the cover Princess Grace of Monaco wearing a blue suit, a gray mink stole, white gloves and hat and a flamboyant Roberta di Camerino’s bag.

Grace Kelly pictures at her arrival in Rome.

Get the Princess Grace Kelly Look!

If you want to recreate the look of the princess, remember first of all that elegance is in the details!

  1. Cat-eye sunglasses, for a sophisticated and feminine look.
  2. A pair of gloves... gloves are a tradition of nobility.
  3. A vintage fashion icon like the Bagonghi, of course! A bag that will never go out of fashion just like the refined style of a princess.


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