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Fixing crooked or bent vintage eyewear

We love eyewear, especially if it is vintage. Firstly, vintage sunglasses or eyeglasses have been crafted with high quality materials. It does happen now and then that upon receiving your gorgous vintage Persol Ratti 649, you notice that they are completely of out shape. The best part is that they can be moulded back to their original form. In conclusion, let me help you fixing your crooked or bent eyewear.

In this brief video tutorial, I will show you how.

Marco, from OPHERTYCIOCCI, in action 🙂

As you have seen, it is extremely simple having to do with vintage eyewear. You cannot find polycarbonate and celluloid compounds on contemporary eyewear, since they are too expensive for today’s business. In addition, you can mould and bend, as I do in the video. You may also fix your crooked or bent metal frames as easily as celluloid frames, without then need of the heater, only with the help of your bear hands. Just use a straight surface to check if both arms touch, after having straightened your eyewear piece. In conclusion, feel free to ask further instructions or suggestions for bringing back your sunglasses or eyewear to their original shape.

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