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Vintage Series: A short wannabe guide of vintage shopping in London

written by “The Ladybug Chronicles“

While I was trying to figure out what to add as my favorite vintage addresses in London I realised that it is almost impossible to write a complete and accurate vintage guide of this city in about 500 words. So please consider it just a small guide to some of my vintage favorites but there are a lot more that I will probably share one day just to try to keep them all together!

Let’s be honest: London IS vintage, it is almost impossible to name all the vintage and charity shops, markets and fairs in town because there are thousands and even my friends who live there and are as passionate as I am about vintage say that they always find a new place around the corner that they didn’t know anything about!

This is one of the many reasons why I am deeply in love with this town. I try to go there at least once a year to visit my friends and to try to see as much vintage as I can and it is a constant surprise!

I was there last June for a short weekend with a friend of mine: we wanted to visit some friends, visit museums, go around for a bit of shopping and of course try to spot some interesting vintage venue!

This is why we decided to head to Brick Lane on Saturday afternoon to see one of the best vintage shops’ areas in London. Every time I go to London I visit Brick Lane: I always think that this time it will disappoint me or bore me but there is always something new that I didn’t see the last time I was there!

Vintage Shopping In London by TheLadytBugChronicles!

On Sunday we had another dose of vintage by visiting for the first time Frock Me Vintage fair in Chelsea. The location was amazing (the beautiful Chelsea Old Town Hall) and the event was full of amazing vintage from different eras and for every pocket! What I saw there is completely different from what you usually see in shops. It was a real vintage paradise and I even bought a beautiful 50’s dress from the lovely VintWear2 (you can also find her at Portobello Market or on Etsy).

London is rich of vintage markets, events and fairs so before leaving make sure there is one when you are there: Frock Me is definitely one of the best I have visited but look also for Pop Up Vintage Fairs (one of the most loved by Londoners and definitely one of the best ever. I have been there many times and I totally understand why they won the prize as Best London Vintage Fair in The Vintage Guide to London Awards for the last three years!) and Judy Vintage Fairs.

If you are in the area four are the spots that you cannot miss:

1. Rokit: they have more shops in Camden and Covent Garden but the one in Brick Lane is definitely my favorite! It’s full of vintage clothes and accessories for men and women and my favorite selection of vintage denim and dresses;

2. Blitz: when this vintage megastore opened many vintage purists accused it to be too commercial and to bring vintage to a new level that many vintage lovers don’t accept. It may be true but the vintage selection is impressive and you can easily get lost in these two-floor shop for men and women;

3. Beyond Retro:it was my first time in this huge shop in Brick Lane, a real gem for vintage treasures hunters and I totally loved it! You can find rare and funny pieces, a “not-to-miss” address in Brick Lane;

4. Absolute Vintage in Hanbury Street: maybe one of my best addresses in London, I am totally addicted to this shop. I found here some of my best shoes and bags finds and every time I go back I fall in love with more pieces!

One of the greatest things about Brick Lane is that you can decide to wander and get lost in this area and every time that you do so you will discover a new gem, a new place that you have never seen before! My gem of 2016 was Vintage Basement in Cheshire street, not far from Beyond Retro.

Vintage Shopping in London by Angela, The LadyBug!
Shopping Experience In London by The LadybugChronicles

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See you next month with a new story of The Vintage Series!

Vintage Love, TLC


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